Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Graffiti Face

The above painting, which I am calling Graffiti Face, is another painting I made from leftover paint on my brushes at the end of my painting sessions. There's actually nothing I don't like about this painting. The muted, dirty colors, the accidental nature, the patchwork-y deposits of color, the fact that to me, it's a face painted on a concrete wall.

I want to paint more like this, but whether I could do it again to my own satisfaction, I mean, whether I could reproduce this particular style and make not look contrived is questionable.

I also painted two limes tonight (see below). The very minor challenge was to paint them and retain the appearance that they were in a bowl, without painting the edges of the bowl. I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I bought these limes from my avacado man. I love limes. I love their thin skins and they way they fit in my hand. Unfortunately, I don't usually eat limes. I use them in drinks and in guac from time to time. I guess I'll have to use these in a beer.

I also painted the avocados I bought from my avocado man. They were delicious when the painting was done.


  1. I do like your paintings. They have an honesty about them. Many artists put the tail end of their paint onto a canvas at the end of the day, and allow it to be the underpainting for the next painting. This might work?

  2. Well, honesty is the best policy:) yes, I can't stand to waste the paint--I always scrape my brushes off on a canvas for the follow day.

  3. I do the same...with the leftover paint! I so like your Graffiti face!

  4. Some of my best paintings are almost complete accidents because of the leftover paint thing. Thank you--I like it too!

  5. Love these! Really amazing work :)